Protect Wealth Event February 2021

Apr 22 | Livestream

Protect Wealth 3 Day Event

9:00 am | Apr 22

Join thousands that have attended the 3-Day Asset Protection & Wealth Creation Summit


– Get Safe, Double-Digit Returns

– Create Consistent Passive Income Streams

– Significantly Lower Your Income Taxes

– Reduce or Eliminate Estate Taxes & Probate

– Protect Your Estate from Lawsuits & Judgements

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Apr 14 | Online Webinar

Leveraging IRA's in Real Estate

12:00 pm | Apr 14

Join us for the upcoming Mastermind with Keller Williams.  Roberta Hudy of iPlanGroup will be going over how you or your clients can leverage capital tied up in IRAs for direct investment into Real Estate! Learn More

Apr 13 | Online Webinar

10 Point Framework to Evaluate an Early Stage Venture Deal

12:00 pm | Apr 13

Considering an investment in an early-stage start-up company?

How do you evaluate it for success?  Join us as we listen in with Dave Stech and his 10 Point Framework to Evaluate an Early Stage Venture Deal.

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Apr 06 | Online Webinar

Gold and Gold Coins in a Self-Directed IRA

12:00 pm | Apr 06

Whether you are interested in rare coins as a collector or if you are concerned about their investment potential, this event is for you.

Bring your questions and learn why your Self-Directed IRA is a vehicle to invest in Gold Coins.  Topics include Numismatic industry, “Third-Party Grading & Authentication” and Gold in an IRA.

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Mar 31 | Online Webinar

Stech State Of The Union Address

8:00 pm | Mar 31

Dave Stech will provide his NEW 2021 economic housing market update. Dave has agreed to share his research and analysis behind the 3 biggest questions real estate investors and private lenders are asking:

  1. What's coming NEXT in real estate? Foreclosures? Evictions?
  2. What should I DO about it NOW?
  3. Is there more RISK or more REWARD in 2021 for investors?
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