May 25 | Online Webinar

Short Sale Real Estate, Where Do You Begin?

8:00 pm | May 25

Taking your real estate business to the next level takes tools. David Randolph provides “real” tools you need to win in real estate investing.

In this webinar, David will discuss:

  • Fundamentals of Short Sales
  • How to tools & procedures
  • Exit strategy & post-pandemic outlook
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Oil and Gas Webinar

May 13 | Online Webinar

Top Income Earners Invest in Oil & Gas Mineral Rights

12:00 pm | May 13

Hedge funds are pouring money into Oil & Gas.  How does a private investor leverage this asset?  Mineral Rights in an IRA.  Join our discussion with Troy Eckard, an Industry Expert in the Oil & Gas industry for over 30 years.  Straight talk, facts that investors use. Learn More

May 04 | Online Webinar

Rollovers as Business Startups - How it works

12:00 pm | May 04

ROBS, Rollover Business Startups; the basics, the structure, and the considerations.  Frank Selden, Attorney, Consultant, and now a ROBS promoter, will explain what you need to know.  It’s a must before you open the doors to your next business venture. Learn More

Apr 27 | Online Webinar

Yield Stacking in an IRA with Paperstac

5:30 pm | Apr 27

How to Yield Stack - Earn Interest on Interest! Investing in mortgage notes and cash-flowing rental properties with “yield stacking” could be your next best strategy in your Self-Directed IRA. Learn More

Protect Wealth Event February 2021

Apr 22 | Livestream

Protect Wealth 3 Day Event

9:00 am | Apr 22

Join thousands that have attended the 3-Day Asset Protection & Wealth Creation Summit


– Get Safe, Double-Digit Returns

– Create Consistent Passive Income Streams

– Significantly Lower Your Income Taxes

– Reduce or Eliminate Estate Taxes & Probate

– Protect Your Estate from Lawsuits & Judgements

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Apr 14 | Online Webinar

Leveraging IRA's in Real Estate

12:00 pm | Apr 14

Join us for the upcoming Mastermind with Keller Williams.  Roberta Hudy of iPlanGroup will be going over how you or your clients can leverage capital tied up in IRAs for direct investment into Real Estate! Learn More