Small Business Retirement Guide

For Self-Directed Investors

If you have yet to start a retirement plan for your small business, you may be under the misconception that your only option is a 401(k) plan. You may believe a retirement plan will be too expensive, or that it will require too much time-consuming administration, thus making it prohibitive for your business.

Setting up a retirement plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and there are many good reasons to do so.

In this month’s FREE guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why Small Business Owners Should Consider a Retirement Plan
  • What a SEP IRA is and its benefits
  • What a Simple IRA is and its benefits
  • How an Individual 401(K) might be a good fit

In 2018, 99% of American businesses were small businesses, which employed over 47% of American workers. The good news is that small business owners can make a difference by taking more control of their retirement with Small Business Retirement Plans, especially when they are “self-directed.”

Small Business Retirement Guide

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