Weathering a Stock Market Crash with Alternative Investments

A Guide for Self-Directed Investors

The stock market continues to respond to ever-increasing uncertainty surrounding the faltering economy and the potential effects of COVID-19. On top of your health concerns, you may also be wondering where your investments can find stability and opportunity during extreme market fluctuations. Download our FREE white paper to learn more about what you can do when the stock market tumbles.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • How Self-Directed investors find stability after a crash
  • How to use alternative investments to diversify a portfolio
  • Alternative investment choices available in a Self-Directed IRA
  • How to invest in alternatives with a Self-Directed IRA
  • How iPlanGroup can help

By avoiding panic and making thoughtful and informed investment decisions, you may be able to make it through a stock market crash unscathed. iPlanGroup can provide you the means to do so with a Self-Directed IRA.


Weathering a Stock Market Crash with Alternative Investments

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