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Precious Metals in your IRA: Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Palladium

The IRS allows a variety of different tax-advantaged plans such as the Traditional IRA, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, Individual 401(k), HSA, and CESA to acquire certain precious metals as an asset, all while retaining the tax benefits associated with the plan you use. Investing into precious metals via a Self-Directed IRA or Precious Metals IRA is one way to truly diversify your portfolio. Not all IRA providers allow their clients to purchase precious metals with their IRA funds. However, here at iPlanGroup we encourage our clients to take control of their retirement investing so that they may invest in assets they truly know and understand.

Many people have had experience investing into precious metals using personal funds. Once you’ve set up a Self-Directed account with iPlanGroup, you can use your personal experiences and knowledge to truly diversify your portfolio in order to earn tax-deferred or tax-free profits. In order to do so, you simply need to develop a relationship with a precious metals dealer/broker and a depository to hold the physical metals. This depository is a secure facility that holds the metals in the name of your Self-Directed account.

iPlanGroup uses Delaware Depository exclusively due to the internal revenue code IRC Sec. 408 which requires “a trustee to maintain physical possession†of precious metals held within retirement accounts. Depositories typically are not “trust companies†whereas Delaware Depository is. After you’ve established your relationship with Delaware Depository, you then direct us to send money from your account to make the investment using our Precious Metals Investment Authorization Form. iPlanGroup will be by your side for each step of the process to ensure that the entire investment takes place within your Self-Directed account, so you may have peace of mind knowing your profits will be sheltered from tax.

iPlanGroup has an investment support staff here to assist you in your precious metals investments. All members of our staff are trained and educated in Self-Directed IRAs, which allows us to better understand your needs. We are here to guide you through the entire process and make your Self-Directed investing experience as streamlined & pleasant as possible. To reach the iPlanGroup New Accounts Team and set up a new Precious Metals IRA, or other Self-Directed Plan, give us a call at 855-604-7526. You may also schedule a Free IRA Strategy Session with a member of our New Account Team at www.iPlanGroup.com/Strategy.

Happy Investing,

Matthew A. Tillack

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